Drifter Gator ISPA "Hyper Crimson"

Nike's ISPA (Improvise, scavenge, protect, and adapt) Project strives to connection innovation, functionality and style with functionality. These Drifter Gator's in "Hyper Crimson" is more than the average fashion kick. With a weather-resistant net and traction that supports you in wet conditions, these shoes are made for the outdoors. In addition, the zippered pocket at the heel contains a larger weather resistant net which covers up to your knee for when the storm hits. The shoes come with instructions which mimic the landing instructions for airplanes.

Pick up these innovative kicks at the drop date listed below and keep up with the Loak app for more updates.

Drifter Gator ISPA "Hyper Crimson"

Release Date: 10/8/2020 at 7:00 AM

Price: $220

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