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Waiting out side your local Nike Town, Foot Locker, or Shoe Palace is not an option for a lot of people when it comes to buying the newest release of Dunks or Jordans. For many of the most coveted releases, you must either be one of the quickest manual coppers, have a bot, or get extremely lucky during a raffle to get the newest releases for retail.

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Last year, it was projected that the secondary sneaker market had a 2 billion dollar valuation. This all is changing with COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands of individuals have lost their jobs during the pandemic and now must spend most of their money on essentials such as rent, food, and other essentials. Individuals now do not have to invest money into hype sneakers because they are not going to be going out to show them off.

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However, at the heart of every Sneakerhead, there is an innate drive to keep improving their sneaker rotation, selling old sneakers, buying new ones despite not being able to show them off. When you get hooked on the sneaker culture, it is tough to stop. When otherwise, these individuals would be buying a brand new pair of shoes at their local Footlocker, they are now exploring secondary sneaker selling apps to satisfy their needs as a Sneakerhead.

For this exact reason, the LOAK APP wishes to execute our mission of helping you buy, sell, and trade without the ridiculous fees which are charged by StockX and Goat.

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