Yeezy Quantum "Ophanium"

If you're looking for a slicker alternative to the classic Yeezy 350's, these might be the shoe for you. The Yeezy Quantums have tucked in lace cages with more sectioned color blocks than the 350's. The "Ophanium" features a mocha brown toe with a black and grey heel along with a teal, mocha brown, and darker brown Priomeknit body. The name of the color way, "Ophanium", is a biblical reference (Ezekiel 1:15 - 21), which is not a surprise given Kanye's strong devotion.

Currently, previous models of Yeezy Quantums are reselling for around $330 or more. So although this might not be the highest flip, a stack is still a stack. It has been announced that this pair will drop in September 2020, but with no updates or even additional pictures on the shoe, it's unknown whether the pair will drop this month with only a couple days remaining, but keep your eyes peeled and updated with the Loak app.

Yeezy Quantum "Ophanium"

Release Date: September 30th, 2020

Price: $250

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